Runway Recap: Alexander McQueen F/W 09

details from Alexander McQueen F/W 09 RTW
details from Alexander McQueen F/W 09 RTW

If God is indeed in the details as the saying goes, then perhaps the detail shots from this collection will further illuminate why, every season, legions of fashion lovers all come to gather (both figuratively and literally) at the altar of Alexander McQueen.


Eeny, meeny, miny, Missoni.

details from Missoni F/W 09 RTW
details from Missoni F/W 09 RTW

I don’t know if its the oversized scarves or the eclectic suburban-nomad stylings, but Angela Missoni has managed to put together one of the most memorable collections to come out of Milan this season. Whereas the clothes are usually just nice and stay fairly low on my radar, I find myself constantly thinking back to the pieces from this show even as I’m clicking through images of metallic decadence from Dolce or Fendi’s fare of standard sophistication. My to-do list now consists of finding ways to translate this gorgeous palette into my own largely drab and monochromatic wardrobe, and, more importantly, how to relocate to a much colder climate by next September.

Picture of the Day: JAK&JILL

It is currently 8:27 in the morning in rainy Southern California and I am due for class at 9:30, a class I had no time to read for this weekend. I am about two days behind in New York Fashion Week. My pops is sick and I think I might catch what he has. Damn the man! Where did that three day weekend go?

I know Christine’s schedule hasn’t been any easier for her either.

We are busy girls and are in demand! Stick with us, lovers. We’ll come back with something our favorite looks for Fashion Week soon.

In the meantime, I want to hear favorite shows so far. 1, 2, 3, go!