What’s that holiday just around the corner? Oh, right.

My idea of Valentine’s Day has changed over the years. In grade school, it was the most fantastic day of the year! Mostly because of the never ending amounts of chocolate. Chocolate bunnies, Dove chocolate, chocolate coins. Plus, I attended one of those private Catholic schools that required every one to bring a Valentine for everyone, so it wasn’t like I felt left out. I even felt a little butterfly wing flutter in the pit of my stomach when the cute boy in class personalized his message on my card. It was the grandest of holidays, more decadent than it ever was in the future.

Middle school, I would always break up with my boyfriends before V-day. Why? I have no fucking clue. I should have milked those boys for all their lunch money allowed. High school, boys were pretty much the most complicated creatures I have ever met. I just wanted to push them off their skim boards every time I saw them at the beach. College… let’s not get started with this entire game! They are silly and horny and never reach their potential with all that alcohol swirling around in their system.

It is fairly easy to say that I have never celebrated a proper Valentine’s Day, unless it is with the girls and a bottle of wine. Which seems to the be plan this year, perhaps a side of He’s Just Not That Into You. But after reading Design*Sponge‘s do-it-yourself arts and crafts for V-Day, aka Lovefest 2009, all I want to do is sit at home with a pair of scissors and red construction paper!

DIY Idea: Valentine Kit, including Ding Dongs

DIY Idea: Valentine’s Day Crafts

DIY Idea: Heart-Shaped Paper Clips

What I want to know from those couples out there: who needs Valentine’s Day when New York Fashion Week starts in two days? And what about the other three hundred sixty four days of the year?


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