Crime, Google Reader, and Fashion Street Photographers

It is 10:10 in the PM and I cannot concentrate on my Criminal Law and Its Procedures book if Balenciaga booties were riding on it. Plus, I cannot allow Christine to have all the fun. In the midst of this Latin law termonology, there is a feeling of excitement brewing in my blood. New York Fashion Week is a mere two days away. I don’t know what to expect, especially with the recent cuts in budget and the downturn in the economy. I feel as if fashion could bring a small glimmer hope and glamor despite these dark times.

Personally, the recession has had a huge impact on my lifestyle and I am probably not alone in saying that. But there is nothing better than coming home after a long day of work and class, and indulging in the sixty-something new posts in my Google Reader. You name it, I am subscribed to it. Music, fashion, art & design. Anything I could possibly want to know about gossip in the fashion world is at my fingertips and I wholeheartedly blame these blogs for my uncontrollable online shopping addiction (though I have learned my lesson to never save my credit card information on my accounts, just in case I feel the urge for a late night Amazon used book raid).

But I think my favorite blogs aren’t actually blogs per se. The street fashion photography world has slowly taken over the internet and it is safe to say that the Satorialist changed the universality of contemporary fashion. Scott Schuman was definitely on to something once he started his blogspot back in September 2005.

While I don’t have the money to fly to big cities and snap a photo of my favorite model in to-die-for shoes, nor do I have a wardrobe fancy enough to start a personal style blog of my own, I think these guys are doing a pretty good job picking up my slack.

More of my favorite blogs to come… but for now, we sleep to the sounds of foolish boys and Julian Casablancas.


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