Runway Recap: Louise Goldin S/S 09

One of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid was The Jetsons, and I wanted to be just like Judy Jetson, with her outrageous white hair and chic spacegirl outfits. In the future when the ozone layer has been depleted and we’re all zooming around in flying pod-cars, these are the clothes I would want to be wearing. But then again, I would love to be able to wear any of these looks any day, and Louise Goldin is the ingenious British designer who brings all my futuristic fantasies to life. Goldin first grabbed my attention with her vibrant debut Spring 08 collection. Every season since then, there is a special place in my heart that is always prepared to worship whatever she puts on the runway, and her sculptural sci-fi knitwear conceptions satisfy every time.


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