Runway Recap: Alexander McQueen F/W 09

March 11, 2009 by
details from Alexander McQueen F/W 09 RTW

details from Alexander McQueen F/W 09 RTW

If God is indeed in the details as the saying goes, then perhaps the detail shots from this collection will further illuminate why, every season, legions of fashion lovers all come to gather (both figuratively and literally) at the altar of Alexander McQueen.

blech’s and “The City”

March 5, 2009 by
Olivia Palermo on The City

Olivia Palermo on The City

The City, MTV’s latest spin-off of the original SoCal rich girls franchise, was supposed to be a replacement formula of sorts to wean us off wildly successful shows like The Hills and Sex and the City. Page Six had dubbed Whitney Port “the new Carrie Bradshaw”, but such lavish praise has proven itself to have been embarrassingly premature. Whitney had managed to fool us into believing she was mature and (relatively) wise on a show full of girls being largely uncommunicative and inscrutable as they exchanged drawn out, monosyllabic conversations and expressions of disbelief. But now that she’s expected to carry a show of her own, she emerges as a passive pushover with a personality that mostly resembles cardboard. Whitney is quite possibly the worst heroine ever because not only is is hard to relate to her, it’s altogether impossible to admire her. If the new Carrie Bradshaw is supposed to be a girl who lets herself be walked over by rude and petulant boys, makes obvious statements that are never meaningful or necessary, and wears increasingly ridiculous headbands, we can all bury our Manolos and mourn them along with any hope for feminism.

As far as I’m concerned, there are only two reason to keep tuning in every week. The first is, of course, the show’s incredible knack for inadvertently creating comedic gold, like a particularly scintillating office conversation about Olivia’s furry vest in which Whitney states that “it must keep you warm” and Olivia responds that “it does”, or when Adam Senn tells his model girlfriend Allie (who has the deadest eyes I’ve ever seen) that he would do anything to not see her cry, while not only neglecting to consider that he should offer her his umbrella, but actually letting the rain drip off of it and onto her head.

The second reason to watch it is for Olivia Palermo, who, although she comes off fake and affected, is easily the most interesting character on the show. While MTV is clearly marketing her as the bitchy, conniving Upper East Side “social” to Whitney’s poor little Sally Sunshine, I’ve had a soft spot for this girl ever since her whole Socialite Rank debacle. Before being casted as Whitney’s foil and professional rival on The City, she seemed like a very (very) pretty girl who was well dressed, well mannered and well educated, but for whatever reason was always shunned or picked on by all the other New York socialites. Admittedly, Olivia’s persona on the show is a little too much to take, but besides being as gorgeous as a porcelain doll, she is always the most immaculately dressed and the best put together of the entire cast. Olivia is like a real life Blair Waldorf, albeit a less sharp and less articulate one.

Eeny, meeny, miny, Missoni.

March 2, 2009 by
details from Missoni F/W 09 RTW

details from Missoni F/W 09 RTW

I don’t know if its the oversized scarves or the eclectic suburban-nomad stylings, but Angela Missoni has managed to put together one of the most memorable collections to come out of Milan this season. Whereas the clothes are usually just nice and stay fairly low on my radar, I find myself constantly thinking back to the pieces from this show even as I’m clicking through images of metallic decadence from Dolce or Fendi’s fare of standard sophistication. My to-do list now consists of finding ways to translate this gorgeous palette into my own largely drab and monochromatic wardrobe, and, more importantly, how to relocate to a much colder climate by next September.

I want to feel your pulse on mine.

February 20, 2009 by

I just spent the past hour scrolling through Le Love. I know I should be out and about, it is Friday night, after all! But I started the weekend early last night and well… I am sure you all know how that goes. So instead, I am spending my unconventional weekend with a little love. You know, that mushy gushy stuff. I wanted to share this blog with you guys because it is simple and to the point and touches its readers with just a picture.

Picture of the Day: THE CUT

February 20, 2009 by

February 18, 2009 by

Do you honestly expect us to believe that these all came from different collections?

Picture of the Day: JAIME WEARS BLACK

February 18, 2009 by

February 18, 2009 by

Josh Hartnett stumbled into an empty booth nearby, sending multiple glasses of Champagne crashing to the floor. Asked if he’d be willing to entertain our questions, he gave a bit of a confused response: “Sure. I mean, okay … actually, no.” Oh. “Sorry, I’m half-lit.”

Josh Hartnett and Chace Crawford Make a Mockery of Fashion Week at Narciso Rodriguez Party

Online Shopping: Anthropologie

February 18, 2009 by

This is a simple how-to for you love, lovely readers: “How to Spend Your Paycheck at the Same Company Who Gave You the Money in the First Place.” It’s a long and unnecessary title, but can anyone else sense my irritation with myself? I don’t know how many of you have worked in the clothing retail business. I feel like it is a rite of passage of some sort, to want to hang yourself by the next rack and/or completely strangle an unbelievably rude customer. So for those who understand my pain – this suddenly turned in to a Beyonce-inspired post – I am sure you have been faced with my dilemma before.

1. Find a retail job at a store that you do not typically go in to because a) it’s too expensive or b) it isn’t your taste.
2. Come to your first day of work in your normal, appropriate work clothes.
3. Slowly get sucked in to the “Look” the store portrays to its customers.
4. Try to deny the fact that you are starting to love everything you see coming in and out of the dressing rooms.
5. Attempt to ignore your fondness of the pretty clothes and work at the cash register instead.
6. Realize that working at the cash register only bypasses all the ugly clothes to the beautiful ones your customer is buying instead.
7. Splurge on your first big buy. (With your employee discount, it isn’t that bad, is it?)
8. Repeat 7 a handful of times.
9. Get a little weepy over the fact that you are spending all your Coachella money on clothes that you never used to like before you started this job. (Remind yourself: At least you bought your Kings of Leon tickets before the Spring collection came in.)
10. Countdown the days until your next pay check so the cycle from step 7-9 can continue.

Lost Locale Blouse, $88

Picture of the Day: JAK&JILL

February 17, 2009 by

It is currently 8:27 in the morning in rainy Southern California and I am due for class at 9:30, a class I had no time to read for this weekend. I am about two days behind in New York Fashion Week. My pops is sick and I think I might catch what he has. Damn the man! Where did that three day weekend go?

I know Christine’s schedule hasn’t been any easier for her either.

We are busy girls and are in demand! Stick with us, lovers. We’ll come back with something our favorite looks for Fashion Week soon.

In the meantime, I want to hear favorite shows so far. 1, 2, 3, go!


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